Spa Mold


Spa Mold

Product No.:Size: 200x200x96cm

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MOLD NO. Bath tub -02
SIZE 2.00*2.00*0.96M (h)
MATERIAL High Quality Vinyl, Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic, Resin, Fiberglass
FORMING WAY Vaccum Forming
MOLD DESIGN AND MAKE As Per Clients Requirement

About us

We are professional factory to design and manufacture all kinds of vacuum forming molds for our customers such as swimming pool mold, outdoor spa mold, bathtub mold, steam room mold, shower tray mold, artificial stone mold and vinyl fiberglass reinforce plastic components etc. Our factory has a very professional mold design team and 20 high-level molding technicians. Every detail of mold required are achieved by our excellence team. The molds we design have reasonable layout,novel style and high-quality. We can ensure that all the molds can be vacuum-formed successfully at the first time, no repair is necessary.

With more than 10 years experience on mold manufacturing makes us become the most outstanding hot tub molds manufacturer in FRP mold industry in all over the world.

 The main material of our mold is high-strength FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastic). High compression strength and excellent convertibility make us easier to create any complicated and irregular moulds and shorten the production time. Now, the vinyl fiberglass reinforce plastic molds have replaced the traditional aluminum mold and become the main stream of vacuum forming molds.

 The process of making a mold include: design and drawing,basic plaster mold,interim mold,finished production mold. We make sure that every detail of the molds is exact and perfect.

Our molds can meet the production requirements better, which makes us become the OEM mold workshop for many sanitary ware manufacturers in China.

Now our molds have been sold in damestic China and abroad, and won very good mol

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