Swim Spa Forming Machine

Swim Spa Forming Machine

spa forming machine with high quality, save energy and labour

  • Product No.: Size: 6600x2560x1700mm


swTechnical Details:
1. Oven structure: Strong Iron steel frame 
2. Maximum Room: 6600 * 2560*1700mm, which can re-heat the defect Acrylic shell.
3. The latest design of Ceramic heaters 190 pcs, long life and easy maintainance. Which can be set 90 difference temperatures in the oven so as to have thickness almost the same on the Vacuumed shell everywhere, so as to avoid bubbling and delamination after making resin for the hot tub.
total power: 200KW.
4. Automatic thermostat system, automatically reach the set temperature value, automatic start when below the set temperature
5. Oven door automatic controled and can be open when power off accidently.
6. 110mm thickness insulation for the Oven's wall, 3 layers insulation.


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