About Us

FitTide Hot Tub Molds & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer to design and produce all kinds of vacuum forming molds such as swim spa molds, outdoor spa molds, jacuzzi molds, bathtub molds, steam room tray molds, shower room tray molds, artificial stone basin molds and vinyl fiberglass reinforce plastic components etc. With more than 10years’ experience, We have a professional molds making team with 5 designers and 25 skilful molding technicians. 
The main material of our mold is made of high-strength FRP (Fiber Reinforcement Plastic). Using high quality material of vinyl, resin, fiberglass together with skilful workmanship makes our molds to be able to stand 180 degree temperature. We warrant our molds can be vacuumed at least 50000 times. Therefore, the vinyl fiberglass reinforce plastic molds have become the main trend of vacuum forming molds.
The process of making a mold includes: designing,making basic plaster mold,making interim mold,and final production mold. We guarantee that every detail of the molds is delicate as what you want.
Workmanship: The molds we design have reasonable layout,ergonomic seats or lounges and high-quality. We promise that all the molds are vacuum-formed successfully once, no need to repair.
Markets:  Now we have supplied our products to most of hot tubs manufacturers in domestic China, as well as to many spa factories in USA, France, Spain, Russia and etc.