1).   Do you dispose our design concept to other spa companies in China!

What you worry about is reasonable.
But we are the only spa mold company which is willing to sign confidential contract with our customers.
We obey the confidential contract and laws.

2).    How many days to make a new mold if we give you a confirmed drawings?

25 Days

3).   How to transport the molds to USA company?

Tranport it by sea.

4).   What materials does the Spa molds made of?

It is made by Vynl material and Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic, we guarantee our molds can be used 50000 times

5).  How to make a hot tub by your molds

By Vacuum Form mathod

6).  What is the spa mold HTR( Maximum Temperature Resistance)

All our Vynl mold materials can bear 180 degree 

7)   How should we inspect the molds?

Normally you should inspect the molds twice
First time, when the mold was finished by the gymsum materials, we will take all aspect photos to you
Second time, When the mold was finished by Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic, We will take the photos to you confirm
Or you can come to China to inspect the mold during above two period
8) if you have any questions, please send the message to us

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